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Iran Newspaper
No. 6024, Vol. 21st, September 10, 2015
[Page 13, Bottom Middle Column]

Winner of the 42nd Salao International de Humor de Piracicaba Told about his Success
Manifestation of the Art of an Iranian Cartoonist in the World

The young Iranian cartoonist who has been the winner of Salao International de Humor de Piracicaba, Brazil 2015, has been also awarded in the 42nd round of this event.
Seyed Ali Miraee whose cartoon collection has been published as a book titled “Best of ALI MIRAEE” in 2006, Romania, considers the cartoon world separate from the real world. In this world, it is possible to present many ideas without worrying about realities. He thinks that the art is rooted in the human complexes but not its bad form, as the art could compensate the deficiencies. This is a reason why we witness that best cartoonists are from closed communities. He explained about his professional career as a cartoonist: “I remember that, my peers and I have been forced to seek art field with low requirements as the country has been faced the war and many social and economic difficulties.


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Cartoon and caricature is considered an inexpensive art field, while being highly attractive. During those days, I have passed my free time by drawing cartoons.”

He continued: “I had 8 years, and I couldn’t read story books; however, I saw their images, and wished to illustrate such images. I have received little encouragement in this regard. My father operated a publication, and thought that this career might not provide my financially. However, I wasn’t disappointed.”



A Beautiful Start
During the school breaks, when his friend played usual children games, he went to the school’s library and practiced. he hadn’t more than 12 years old, when his first cartoons have been published with the theme of “Shahrokh Bayani” in a journal. Three years later, he has been invited to collaborate with the same journal.
SeyedALI Miraee added: “I was happy that I was being paid for my cartoons. In 1994, I illustrated a cover design for the same journal, which was published in full color. In fact, the trust given me by the editor of chief led to publication of one of my works in Belgium.”



Stars in the Art Sky
Seyed Ali Miraee who has achieved the first place of Editorial Cartoon Section of the Salao International de Humor de Piracicaba, Brazil, and winner of this year contest, continued: “In 1994, I have achieved my first award on the professional level in Japan, and this was a joyful start for my professional career as a cartoonist. During those years, I avoided to disclose my age, because I didn’t want this to effect the opinion of the jury panel, as they might think I was very young. I have achieved many honors and awards in the field of cartoon, such as the Grand Prize in 2005 Romania HumoDeva International Cartoon Contest, First Prize in the 2011 Image of the Year, Special Medal in 2012 and 2014 Canada International Editorial Cartoon Contest, Bronze Prize in 2013 South Korea Sejong International Cartoon Contest, SICACO, Second Prize in 2014 Turkey International Izmir Cartoon Contest, First Prize of Editorial Cartoon Section in the 41st Brazil Salao International de Humor de Piracicaba.”








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