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Kayhan Cartoon Monthly

Nos. 181-182 [Pages 42-43]

“DEVA” Cartoon Book, Plus SEYED ALI MIRAEE’s Cartoon Book

Horia Crisan who is a Romanian 47-year old cartoonist, has founded the HumoDeva International Cartoon Contest. Last year, the 5th round of this event has been held in Romania. It would be noteworthy that Horia Crisan has also owned a publishing company. At the end of each round, he publishes the best works in form of calendar and catalogue book.

It should be noted that, this year, the cartoonists who have participated in 5th round have received the book of SEYED ALI MIRAEE’s Cartoon Collection, along with the routine catalogue book.

It would be noteworthy that SEYED ALI MIRAEE has been awarded the Grand Prize in the 5the HumoDeva International Cartoon Contest. This is one of invaluable award has been yet achieved by an Iranian cartoonist.

The book of SEYED ALI MIRAEE’s Cartoon Collection has been published in high quality in color and beautiful font in 150g Glossy paper.

5th HumoDeva International Cartoon Contest:

Jury Panel:

Clive Collins (England), Julian Pena-Pai (Romania), Horia Crisan (Romania), Liviu Stanila (Romania)


1) SEYED ALI MIRAEE, awarded with Grand Prize

2) Muammer Olcay (Turkey), awarded with Second Prize

3) Xiaoqiang Hov (China), awarded with Third Prize.





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